30 Days of Happy

So at the end of January I was glued to my computer screen as I watched the ever creative Hailey Bartholomew teach her style of film shooting and editing on the learning forum CreativeLive. It was a bit of a slow time for us which really allowed me to explore filmmaking both through my own lens and by researching other filmmakers on Vimeo and Youtube. I spent days shooting hummingbirds and lovely little objects that looked interesting. We took day trips to the beach and Redwoods to get more and more footage. Every time we went out I grabbed my camera and Fig Rig. The more I learned the more my mind exploded with other ideas but I had to rein it all in for this project and just focus on finishing it without burying myself in clips. There was really no theme other than 30 days of shooting so the challenge was to create something that looked cohesive but still expressed the diverse and rich life I get to live on a daily basis. It was a wonderful struggle that left 95% of what I shot on the floor(including my previous video), never to see the light of day. I have a long way to go but am excited to continue down this path. Please look for more videos in the near future but in the mean time here is my 30 Days of Film


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