OSA Dance

Every year we photograph Mr. Savage’s high school dance classes. Here are a few of my favorite shots.  

Savage Jazz Dance

  Mark and I recently shot for Savage Jazz Dance Company in Oakland. These are a few of the final selections.

Light & Movement

I recently experimented on a shoot with two light sources, an Einstein and Westcott Skylux. My client had expressed to me that they wanted unique images from this shoot and encouraged me to [...]


To say that Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda are talented tango dancers would be an understatement as you can see from the images shot at the 2015 Argentine Tango USA Official Festival & [...]

Dance Class

A couple of weeks ago Mark and I had the pleasure of shooting 32 teenagers from the San Mateo High School dance class taught by the wonderful Robyn Tribuzi. It was a pretty tight schedule and was [...]

Carnaval 2011

What a wonderful way to spend a day, The Mission with great food, music and joy everywhere. Here are 2 from today and 2 from Carnaval in 2008. Both Mark and I commented on the staggering number [...]