5 Minute Portraits at A.C.T.

A.C.T. contacted Mark and me about photographing a group of students during a mock class for the purpose of creating promotional photos for their Studio program. One of the requests was to also [...]

Personal Projects

I am hopeless at telling stories verbally(or written) but give me a camera and some editing software and I can craft a story in stills or film. I have always been a visual person and that is [...]

Lolly’s Locks

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with Jaime Wright in early February. I was asked to photograph three women in the Bay Area as part of a promotional film and stills campaign for [...]

Role Models

Growing up I had one of the best role models a woman could have, my mum. I truly can’t speak what is in my heart but I can express it through a short film I recently did on her. She [...]

Family Portrait Video Session

I can’t beleive I have neglected to post this. Every year I go beack to Quebec to visit my family. Last year I decided to shoot some video of my sister’s family during the visit. By [...]


One of the things that I love to do when I am not shooting for clients is to shoot long exposure images at the beach. It is a way to relax while doing something I love and the resulting images [...]

30 Days of Happy

So at the end of January I was glued to my computer screen as I watched the ever creative Hailey Bartholomew teach her style of film shooting and editing on the learning forum CreativeLive. It [...]

Learning and Growing

The last few month have been quiet photographically speaking and it has been a blessing in disguise. Mark’s mum had a heart attack anad he has spent much time down in Southern California [...]