Learning and Growing

The last few month have been quiet photographically speaking and it has been a blessing in disguise. Mark’s mum had a heart attack anad he has spent much time down in Southern California helping her through the changes in her life and moving her into an assisted living facility until she can live by herself again. The lull has given me the opportunity to learn more about shooting and editing video which I think will become an important part of the services we provide. In the next few days I will post a short film of snippets, there is no story, just video clips of life put to music. It was a learning project and I am happy with how it turned out. On the last day I shot, Mark and I headed to Half Moon Bay and just hung out on the beach. He was playing with his flash as I shot video. After he turned his camera on me I asked if we could do a self portrait of the two of us and this is the result. So here is to learning and growing as we all move forward in the wonderful life.


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