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Mini Headshot Sessions

Have you ever come across an online post criticizing mini-sessions? I have, and it seems that some photographers have taken on the role of self-proclaimed guardians of photography, preaching against these bite-sized sessions as if they’re the fast food of the photographic world. They argue that mini-sessions devalue the art and tarnish your brand. However, I say HOOEY!

Not everyone needs or can afford a full headshot session. Acting rarely pays the bills here in the Bay Area, so a quick and affordable mini-session might be their only opportunity to get decent professional pictures. Sometimes, people use mini-sessions to refresh or add to their current headshots, while others, like college applicants, only require one shot instead of a whole session.

In reality, headshots often become an afterthought in the chaos of chasing auditions and rehearsals. They’re not always about creating art, but rather about presenting a professional image that catches casting directors’ attention in those crucial few seconds.

Of course, I’m not saying that mini-sessions are for everyone, but they serve a valuable purpose. They democratize access to professional photography, inject a dose of efficiency into the process, and ultimately, help people achieve their goals. So, let’s ditch the mini-session bashing and celebrate the diversity of ways we, as photographers, can contribute to the world.

Remember, there’s room for both the artistic masterpiece and the perfectly-timed headshot. Let’s embrace the full spectrum of photographic possibilities, not just the ones that fit a specific mold.

Shots from my mini sessions

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