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Social Fabric Collective

Jamie Smith runs a photography program for high school kids that provides them with cameras to photograph the world around them. Social Fabric Collective teaches kids the language of photography while giving them the tools to explore their own creativity. Additionally, they are introduced to new ways of seeing the world around them.

I spent a few days with Jamie and a small group of students in Palo Alto as he held a weeklong workshop in California. Guest speakers included working photographers Mark Kitaoka and John Freemen Todd, architect Gregory R. Mottola and psychologist Dr. Chaniga Vorasarun. The video I shot includes a conversation with Jamie about why he created the photography program. In addition, it shows the students learning about the cameras and taking them out on day trips. I enjoyed hanging out with the students and a result, I got to see them really blossom as they became more confident.

If you know a student who wants to participate in this program please check out the Social Fabric Collective website.

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