Playing with Video

I have been dabbling in video on and off now for a couple of years, learning the software, making mistakes and just figuring out if it was something that I truly wanted to pursue. ¬†A year ago Sue Bryce was on CreativeLive and she showed a promo video done by the incredibly talented Hailey Bartholomew and I was sold. I have been following Hailey since that day, so I was thrilled when Sue brought Hailey to CreativeLive to teach how she tells stories through video. Sue and Hailey also created a challenge to shoot every day during the Month of February and then edit a video to music for final review and judging(Learn more about the challenge on Hailey’s blog). I must confess that I haven’t been shooting every day but I have been shooting a lot more and this little video is one of the results of that effort. Once again I have to thank CreativeLive for everything they do and all the inspiration their presenters share. If you haven’t checked out their site yet, I suggest you do, it may just change your life.

PS. I still plan on doing my 30 day challenge and will post it here when it is done.

Huge thanks to Broadway By The Bay, artistic director Amanda Folena, volunteer cat Adrianne Walters and Margaret Toomey for helping with the costume and make-up.

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