My Process

Schedule: I offer up to two sessions a day at 11am and 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These can be scheduled through my calendar software. If you would prefer a session outside of those times, please contact me via email. 

Prepare: I am happy to schedule a time to chat in person if you live near Foster City, on the phone or on Facetime. We can also chat via text.

Shoot: When you arrive, we’ll put on your favorite music (or we can just listen to my upbeat playlist) and chat about what you want to achieve with your new headshots. As we shoot, I’ll share previews of the images on the iPad, and we can make any adjustments you want. My goal is to make you as comfortable in front of my camera as possible, and I want our environment to feel like you’re hanging out with a friend and having fun. This session is all about YOU and what you want. If you aren’t happy with the look, the light, or anything else, you need to speak up and let me know so we can make adjustments.

Payment: Payment is due at the end of your session. I prefer checks or cash. However, if you want to pay with a credit card, I will gladly send you a payment link. I also now accept VENMO

Proofs + Review: Depending on my schedule it can take up to three days for me to get your proofs culled and posted into your own online private, password-protected folder and gallery that is always available to you. This is also where I will post your high-resolution edited images for download, so once I send you the link, you should bookmark it. Your personal folder will be here.

Choose: Once you have gone through your proofs and selected your top picks, email me the last 4 numbers of the images. You can request more or less processing/editing on your final images. Because I hand edit everything myself, edits normally take me 2 days to do and upload, depending on my schedule.

Print: I recommend getting your headshots printed at The Actors Photo Lab, or Dirt Cheap Headshots.

Social Media: Clients are free to use all images for headshot, social media, personal websites, and all casting purposes. Please credit all social media posts @tracymartinphotography
For all other uses, especially press announcements, magazine (print & online), music, books, covers, Author bios, and advertising purposes please make sure that credit is given as follows. Photo: Tracy Martin Photography

Have a question? You can check out my FAQ page or contact me

Wardrobe Tips

Below are general tips for headshot sessions but I want to preface them with the caveat. If you have a strong personal style with bold, bright and fabulous clothes – throw all the tips and guidelines away and bring your most authentic self. 

Your most important pictures are close-ups on your face, so naturally we are primarily interested in tops. For a regular 1 hour session I suggest 5-6 options. 

One simplification is to break it down to into casual, casual nice, and professional.

Another consideration is age range. Your first outfit can support the younger characters you will play, working up to the older end of your range.

Keep it fairly simple, and generally avoid clothes that are distracting with loud colors, busy prints, patterns, stripes, graphics and logos;

Rich colors, jewel tones, neutrals, and grays are nice. Light colors/tones can wash you out. Avoid primary colors, like pure red, blue or green. Black or white tops can work in some cases but gray tones work better. Use colors that match and draw out the color in your eyes.

Consider layers, with shirts over t-shirts. Lightweight jackets can work.

When you are shooting several outfits, tops with different colors, styles and necklines will give you more variety in your pictures.

Think about how the neckline serves to frame your face. Generally avoid very loose, open necklines (like a wide scoop neck).

Wear clothes that fit well, that make you feel comfortable and confident. Clothes should be clean and wrinkle free. 

Feel free to bring extra outfits for each “look,” and we will make final choices at the beginning of your session