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Robyn Tribuzi & SMHS

I have worked with Robyn for many years photographing her high school students. I have also had the pleasure of photographing shows she has choreographed and directed. But this is the first time I have sat down with her and talked about what goes into choreographing a show. I was surprised to learn that there is no predetermined choreography that comes with a show. The director has a script, the music director has the music but a choreographer has a blank page. That said, a choreographer isn’t going to create a hip hop routine for a show like Singin’ In The Rain. Robyn draws inspiration from the original movie as well as classics from that time. My level of appreciation for her skill (and all choreographers) went up a notch although it was pretty high to begin with. 

Here is the brief interview with her I did with her along with a behind the scenes look at a dance rehearsal and the sitzprobe. Below that are some of the photographs from this years dancers.

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