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The Projection Project

For several years now I have been struggling with where I am going and what I want to do in my personal photography. I have questioned, doubted and completely lost faith in who I am and what I want to say through this medium that I love so much and the inspiration that I hoped would come when I decided to leave design and just focus on photography didn’t come and left me feeling even lower. I knew that I had to give myself some breathing space so that my inspiration could bubble to the surface. I decided to draw from some lessons that I learned from a wonderful teacher many years ago and as I explored these I started to get an idea. I bought a projector with a vague vision in mind and did some tests that didn’t turn out how I wanted. The disappointment of it not turning out actually helped me develop a stronger vision and lead me down a better path that is only at the beginning of what I hope to be a much longer journey. Thus begins the Projection Project. It is about how we project ourselves to the world and how we see ourselves within, all the insecurities, perfection and flaws, our joys and failures and everything in between. It is about letting go, embracing, flaunting, loving the person we want or hope to be all caught up in one instant. A session starts with writing a full page starting with “I feel most … when…”  in a stream of consciousness, what ever that person is feeling in the moment. It can also be prepared in advanced but it will still need to be written in the book that is part of the project. I then project what is written onto the writer and try and capture the essence of what they have written. If you or someone you know is interested in participating please contact me. Here are a couple of the first images that I took when I was still testing the process.

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  1. Tracy, these are strong and powerful. I love the participation and interplay between the person being photographed, the projected words and you (the photographer) capturing and enhancing the overall feeling. Each element is essential in bringing the essence of the emotion to the final art for the viewer. The idea and images are brilliant. Keep going!

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